About Us

Jfleuve Wholesaler is among the reliable online wholesalers for everyday general merchandise, apparel closeout deals, and seasonal bulk products. If you are looking at starting a business or want to expand on your current product inventory then you can browse our extensive list of products. Jfleuve Wholesaler make it easy for you to find just about anything you’re looking for right here on Jfleuve Wholesaler website. You can purchase goods from us in large quantities of a limited number of varieties of goods and enjoy re-selling.

Scaling an FBA business isn’t easy, to begin with. Most of you start with Retail Arbitrage or Online Arbitrage but realize it’s super hard to scale after just a month. That’s where either Wholesale or Private Label comes into your field of view. Adding wholesale inventory to your business means consistent and repeatable profits month after month. As an example, adding just one wholesale product can easily provide a handsome and attractive amount in monthly cash flow. To really sustain a growing wholesale FBA business you need to add products that will produce month after month, regardless of the season. Our year-round products are game changer. They’re harder to get but well worth the effort!

Jfleuve Wholesaler is the Best wholesale supplier & distributor

Processing Your Product Order

Upon clicking "Complete Order," Jfleuve Wholesaler team spring into action and immediately begin processing your order. One employee reviews the details of your order, checking for anything that might delay processing, while another speeds off to pull the inventory from our shelves. Meanwhile, an email confirmation of your order will have already arrived in your inbox

Testing Your Products

Even though Jfleuve's suppliers are all trusted manufacturers of quality items, Jfleuve Wholesaler don’t take any chances with your specific order. All products go through an exhaustive Q.C. procedure

Return Policy

At Jfleuve Wholesaler, returns are easy! Jfleuve Wholesaler strive to offer the best experience, including fast and hassle-free returns. Please Contact Customer Service to process your return.